I have no idea if I am doing this correctly, but I am uploading some of my process work and final images to the Blog to document my work and for people to look at if they feel so inclined.


IMG_0581 IMG_0578 IMG_0577 IMG_0576 IMG_0575 IMG_0574 IMG_0573 IMG_0572 IMG_0571 IMG_0570 IMG_0569 IMG_0568 IMG_0567 IMG_0563 IMG_0562 IMG_0561 IMG_0560 IMG_0559 IMG_0558 IMG_0557 IMG_0556 IMG_0555 IMG_0553 IMG_0552 IMG_0551 IMG_0582


IMG_0580 IMG_0579 IMG_0566 IMG_0565 IMG_0584

The box tiles vary in the height of the center square, the triangular tiles vary in the position and height of the vertex, and the hexagonal tiles vary in the diameter of the aperture which also causes the rest of the folds to change as well (those are my favorites, the box my second)




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