Tetrahedron: 81 Flavors by Grasshopper

I have been working on getting my grasshopper definition cleaned up and working smoothly.  I am able to cycle through all 81 variations of my Tetrahedron.


Above is an image cycling through all base variations that the laser cutter bed can fit.  To choose which variation will be set to burn there is a control panel set up:


To get to this point I went through a few iterations while I am learning new ways to manipulate the many lists full of numbers.


This part of the definition sets the base triangle that everything is measured off of.


That led to this horrible mess.  It worked but I could hardly read through it myself so I reorganized and condensed redundant operations:


I like this better, but I still think there is room for refinement.


The picture above is of my entire definition.


And for fun I also was able to get grasshopper to draw of variation of my tile in 3D.


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