First iterations

I originally started my process off with experimenting with different types of shapes that could tile onto themselves repeatedly.

DSC04301               DSC04231

     DSC04255                DSC04223

Each of these shapes were constructed from a uniform 5”x5” square piece of paper that was then folded and cut repeatedly to create a uniform base with variable mass extending upward.

My next step was then to experiment with A and B tiles and how they could change the overall pattern and aesthetic of one of my 3 existing tiles.

DSC04236               DSC04243

After experimenting with the different tiles I then chose one to continue forward with, playing around with different ways that it could be folded differently each time to create variance within the protruding pieces and how they relate to the tiles they connect to. I did this by folding the protruding flaps at a couple of different angles and then adding more folds at each tile in succession.

    DSC04224    DSC04227

DSC04225     DSC04261


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