Ideas for Tiling

One aspect of the tiles that I wanted to experiment with was how the tiles fit in and tiled on each other. I tried out my experiments within sketchup to achieve accurate and timely results for multiple situations. My first experiment was to see how well my base form could vary in its position when tiling on itself and creating a variety of openings.

tile p4

Although this original design shows promise and interesting variable openings it is somewhat picky about where they are placed and in many cases they had to be rearranged in order to fit.

After playing with my initial ideas for a time I discovered that by tiling the base shape in a way that only the corners or a single side touch the other tiles in a similar way, interesting patterns and geometry are formed within the gaps.

tile p3tile p1

tile p2

If I were to continue on creating a wall out of this tile I think I would like to experiment with mixing all of these tiling techniques together to create even more variation within the wall.


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