Final Results and Reflections

After having our review and looking at the final tiles that I created I descovered that I wish my tiles were more 3D. One of our reviewers had mentioned something along the lines of developing a system in which the tiles stack on top of each other and grow the heigh of the system. This would have added another component to this project….maybe pushing into the second project that is an idea I can push towards.

Untitled1 Untitled2 Untitled3 Untitled4

Diagraming these projects added a different dimension to this project. I wish we would have maybe had even more time to explore diagraming them. I learned so many different things about my tiles that I had not even thought of before diagraming. I would have liked to go back and re-create by tile in grasshopper and laser cut them based on some of the diagrams I made, and then see what those results would have been.


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