Bone Church of Sedlec

Not certain why, or what it says about my design aesthetic, but this church has been in and out of my thoughts since this class began. The bones are stacked and joined in response to the church’s architectural form. I find that the moments where the bones form structures of their own, the chandelier in particular, enlivens the sense that the church is structurally dependent on the bones. Blurring the reality of their static ornamentation.

Not a case study per se but curious nonetheless.

An excellant photo essay of the church.

10 Min Documentary Art Film (1970’s Soviet Block art cinema, so weird, but worth it)

Wiki Info

One of four stacked mounds located within the Bone Church.

E5 Sedlec Ossuary

Detail of the Bone Church’s chandelier ceiling connection.
E6d Sedlec Ossuary


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