Project 1 Images

I, too, got caught up in project 2 and forgot to post my final images.  I played around with both backgrounds, but I preferred the white because I felt it emphasized the tile orientation.  The ‘flipped’ pieces have a pretty interesting glow that kind of emphasizes the burn marks from the laser cutter.  I wish I would have tried this before to see if I could open up that side of the tiles to show that off a little more.Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-1 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-2 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-3 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-4 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-5 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-6 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-7 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-8 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-9 Anderson_MV-Proj01_final-10


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