With Bated Breath…

I dove into Project #2 so quickly that it slipped my mind to post final images of Project #1.

Without further ado:

A short video of the grasshopper controls that achieve the tessellated variability seen in the final patterns (video shows manipulation of both the 2-D and 3-D forms):

Grasshopper Controls in Motion

Corner 002

Corner 005

Corner 001

Corner 004

Pyramids 004

Cubes 002

Pyramids 002

Pyramids 004

After Thoughts

Generally I’m pleased with the outcome. My goal was to develop a form that could be used to transmit information; whether in a topographic form expression or through a sort of steady-state pixel. I feel that with the definition I wrote I can successful control discrete enough aspects of the individual tiles that given the right constructed scale image or text or form data could be expressed clearly. If I was to continue with this project I would like to explore a reduction in scale. Currently the tiles are fixed on a 4″ x 4″ base. This too could become a manipulable variable. The inclusion of multiple tile sizes (four 4″ in an 8″ block, four 2″ in a four inch block –you get the idea) would permit much finer resolution. On to Project #2…


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