2-Sided Block Process

Alright, so the process of creating one of the double-sided square blocks that you may have seen in the BDA Workshop is as follows (this process is very similar to the one we are moving forward with as a group).

First, A square mold with a cross member is cut from the pink foam (this will ultimately be done via router in the final process).  A garbage bag, or Crochet fabric is placed on top of the cut mold and secured so as to allow for the desired amount of bulge in the cast tile.


One cast, the tile is used as a master for vacuum forming (the tiles we have tried this with so far have been destroyed in this process, cracking under the pressure).  Vacuum forming allows for both the positive and negative representations of the tile’s shape to be used in casting the final block.  Additionally, vacuum forming on the crochet tiles makes the process of casting the fabric pattern into the final product much easier.


Once we have the plastic forms (below you will also see my first attempt using plaster forms), we are ready to cast the final block.  One form is placed at the bottom of the square mold.  Plaster is then poured into the box and the second form is placed over the top and compressed down to meet with the top of the pink foam square.  The result of this cast is the two sided blocks.

IMG_0642IMG_0646IMG_0647IMG_0664IMG_0665IMG_0659   IMG_0658       IMG_0668IMG_0669 


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