What Was That About Great Minds?

Emmett made me aware of this model that was sitting in the BDA Workshop the other day.  The curtain wall on this thing has the exact same tiling logic as my project from the first exercise.  I got a kick out of seeing something so similar to my project represented on a building model, but at the same time I can’t help but feel that this seemingly coincidental similarity may reflect negatively on Grasshopper (or perhaps my design process) in some way…




One thought on “What Was That About Great Minds?

  1. emmetthoulihan

    It’s just a funny coincidence. Grasshopper is powerful because it can easily produce geometric logic. Your component was very engaging and its properties can’t be seen as well at a large scale. Existing geometric tiling is just a convenient way to organize your components. Don’t get too down on your project!


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