Project 2: Part 4

Here are some more renders/models of my hub tile. This time, I tried to reduce the mass of the piece to make it lighter. I also started playing around with some of the rotated tiles and seeing how they would mesh together 3-dimensionally. I want to be able to design two patterns that overlap predictably. My working hypothesis was that these pieces would accomplish this.

Skp_Bits Skp05

I found that the easiest way to make these tiles meet up on the other side is to have them rotate 60 degrees, if at all. In this way, the geometry seems to match up.

Render_NewHex Skp_03Render_NewHexII

I realized that these tiles don’t fit together as easily as I’d thought they would. I tried to make the layers more than two-deep. As you will see this created a complex shape that was difficult to capture and display to my satisfaction. Also, the idea of overlapping patterns seems to get lost when the assemblies are taken to this length.

DeapthRender Skp_04 DeapthRenderII Skp_04_Axon Skp_04_WE

This next arrangement I worried less about how the structure of the assembly would function and instead just built out into space. I was determined to make these overlaid patterns work. I found that if I was careful and consistent, they could be coaxed to meet up more like I was hoping. This “snowflake” has 3 layers of complexity to it.

Skp_06 Skp_07temp_mlt TwistRenderIIITwist_Render  TwistRenderIV

In the end, I really do enjoy the options available through the use of this tile; that being said, my group has elected to pursue one of several other designs involving a 3 sided hub. Many of the earlier designs can also actually be accomplished with only these types of hubs.


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