Diffusion Wall – Hexagon Units and Voids (project 03)

Wall view 02

I’m hoping that these images show what is happening within my wall system clearly enough, but here is my explanation of what is going on.

The wall is composed of units that have a standard hexagonal outer geometry.  This geometry is extruded to different lengths based on the mathematics of quadratic diffusers.  Because of the size of the units, the wall is limited in its frequency range, but it covers something around 646-925 Hz (the lower range of human speech  well within the audible range for people).  The result of this logic within the system is a seemingly random variation of the units in plan from 2″ wide to 18″ wide (I think).

The second variable parameter of the system is the opening size.  There is a standardized hexagonal opening on both faces of each unit.  This is tied (via lofting) to a secondary hexagonal opening that sits at the center 1/3 of the unit.  This center opening is varied in section according to image sampling, which will allow the openings of the wall to be customized to the site requirements.

If you are curious as to how my Grasshopper definition is working I have included a high-res image of it here:

grasshopper file picture


Here, also, are a couple more images of the wall so you can get a better feel for what it is doing at the moment.

Wall view 03 close up of tile logic wall view 01


As of right now, the variation controlled for quadratic diffusion is not totally complete, but you get the idea of where I’m heading.  I have also found a program to generate the depths and order of assembly of the units, as well as, the number of each type of unit (depth) that will be required to construct the wall.



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