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Director, Variable Projects Assistant Professor, California College of the Arts

Modular Variations Book

See this link for the final publication of the studio’s work throughout the Spring 2013 semester. Special thanks to Elliot Olney and Chris Tallman for putting in extra time over the summer to finish the book project.


Staggered Grids

Many of you are considering developing staggered grid systems for stacking your modules. I’ve put together a quick Grasshopper definition that does this — it’s posted under Workshop 6 files.

Diagramming Rules of Thumb

From Marc Swackhamer:

1. Start with something concrete.
2. Overlay diagrammatic information.
3. Focus on the things we cannot see: cycles, time, movement, change over time, spatial characteristics/descriptors (fast, slow, thick, thin)
4. Pull out information you do not need (important to use layers). Use just enough contextual information so that the viewer can orient him/herself.
5. Minimize text / Minimize arrows.
6. White space is your friend.
7. Use color sparingly.
8. Don’t be afraid to invent notational systems or new ways to depict information.
9. Don’t confuse clarity and simplicity for simplistic — a good diagram can be rich, complex, and deep.
10. Do it again… and again…