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Project 3 Grasshopper Progress

I am making moves on my variation with grasshopper. I really like the subtle variation but I am not sure that it would be completely effective with light alterations. I am having a hard time capping my surface without covering the entire thing. I’d like to leave the middle shape open but when I cap it the middle shape is covered completely. Any suggestions? screen shot April 10

I have not done this in grasshopper yet but I also think it would be interesting to vary the heights from tall to short. Similar to Adam’s original sound study with random lengths of pieces. But this would  be more controlled going from short to tall like my first project with the triangles.

Hexagon Field vary



Project 3 Field Studies

Here is an idea that I’m going with in regards to the hexagon shape. I want to change the interior shape and see how that could play with light as the day progresses. Hexagon Field

Screen shot April 9