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Group 1 Renderings

Here are some renderings from group 1 from last ThursdayImageImageImageImageImageImage


Project 3 Digital Work

ImageI was interested in changing the variation of the letter M, standing for the University of Minnesota for visiting high school students as well as for freshmen that are just starting the program. I was hoping to variate the the corners depth of the corners of the M, as shown in this picture.ImageI realize that the picture is un readable, and I hope to show more in depth views of my definition in the future. But after quite a long time of fiddling, as well as help from the DA’s, I came up with variationImageI hope to have more control in the variation as well as have more variation then just the corners of the M.

Project 2 Progress


This was what looked like to be a promising mistake, but unfortunately, to consistently be able to display light through material is not very attainableImageImageImageAgain, after more experimentation, it was realized that trying to cast light through the material was quite difficult to do.