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Finally Some Sun

College of Design – Sand Pit (& Hank’s Bus)



Fabric Test with Final Form

IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_1457 IMG_1458 IMG_1459 IMG_1460IMG_1462

Two tiles.  1hr30min.  3/4 -ish bag quickcrete + portland.

We will need at least 4 people (the more the better!) per final pour, and will also need to complete two pours a day; friday through tuesday at 8-9am and 7-8pm – these times can be adjusted but should remain 12 hours apart.  Hopefully this level of production will take care of 1-2 potential failures per pour, and leave us with enough successful tiles to construct our wall.


Project 2 – Precedent: How to Make Almost* Anything

This is a cool project using many of the ideas and techniques from our class for a M.Arch project from MIT.  The goals for this project included integrated electronics for LED lighting conditions… something I would be very interested in exploring.

Section 09 deals with transferring Rhino geometry to a final paster cast.