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Mold Evolution and Clay Concept


Filling book ends with designed “biscuit” joinery method, hopefully.


Mold Elevation view.


Mold internal workings constructed with white poster board.



Constructed with a foamy clay. Conceptual water wall obstructing light while producing a calming effect and sound.





Flexible 6 point Variable Test Molds

Getting ready to pour some test molds. The first contraption only varies the thickness of the modules in section which is not enough variation.




So through many trials and errors Ive developed an adjustable/flexible mold that introduces six points of controlled variation to allow section thickness to conform to the path of water flowing down and thouroughout the waterfall wall. This mold is made up of hinges the unfold the cast out of the mold to eliminate issues.


On to some test pours.


Early Concrete Countertops

Cooksleyb1 cooksleyc (1) cooksleyc (3) cooksleyc (4) DSC02336 DSC02422


Early ad hoc design/install concrete countertops inlay/veneer cultured stone tile. Outdoor kitchen/living poolside 2005/2006.



Spring 2007 design/install outdoor kitchen/living. Custom concrete countertops, cultured stone, prefabricated stainless steel doors and drawers.

Custom concrete countertops/design. Cheng was a favorable inspiration.



Initial Ideas

Expanding off of the earlier projects with this idea, in hopes of developing a full scale process. The idea developed suddenly and initial design thinking is more of the focus before actual construction of modules and paperwork. The first two projects immediately moved into construction of models and this approach will develop with a new approach.

20130403_210047  20130403_211959

20130403_211818  20130403_213221

20130403_233615  20130404_005545

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