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Early Concrete Countertops

Cooksleyb1 cooksleyc (1) cooksleyc (3) cooksleyc (4) DSC02336 DSC02422


Early ad hoc design/install concrete countertops inlay/veneer cultured stone tile. Outdoor kitchen/living poolside 2005/2006.



Spring 2007 design/install outdoor kitchen/living. Custom concrete countertops, cultured stone, prefabricated stainless steel doors and drawers.

Custom concrete countertops/design. Cheng was a favorable inspiration.




Early studies (project #3)

DSC06924 DSC06925DSC06926


DSC06927 DSC06928 DSC06929

DSC06931 DSC06933 DSC06934


My primary objective with these three investigations is visibility. By using depth you can eliminate views through the walls at steep angles. With the cylinders, each piece of the wall can be angled so that it is more favorable to one direction of sight.

With the cone wall, every tile can be varied differently (independently) than the neighboring one. This will allow for varying view angles throughout the wall. I tried to make this more clear in the pdf attached to the end of the post.

The triangular tile idea was similar. It was my intention to make double sided triangles, and the visibility would be dependent on the position of the point that extends from the wall. The further the point, the less willing the wall would be to let you see through it at a steep angle. Yet, if all the point are extruded as well as shifted in direction, they can have the same effect as the cone wall, but the primary viewing aperture would be the spaces between the tiles, where the cones would utilize the hole (or absence of a peak)

The Crux

A must read –brief– article from the NYTimes that raises many of the questions we’ve approached in our class:

And a link to some design responses to the need to engage user thought, Experience Design:

Forget Me Not


And a –brief– paper on the Caterpillar cord and The Forget Me Not reading light: