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Elliot Goes to the Doctor

There comes a time in every design endeavor when the pursuit of material will drive a designer to look in the most unlikely of places for that certain something that eludes you.

Our need for a pliable and resilient fabric for the casting phase of our final project found Elliot taking a trip to the doctor. The take away is that architecture is a cruel mistress or mister, as it will swing either way you want it to.

Love Doctor


Project 2 – gif

We already posted our final images etc. but here’s something I played with after taking pictures yesterday in the lab. It’s supposed to be a gif of different lighting which should expose the void spaces. – hopefully it works


Project_1:Part 3


This is the tile as it stands this week. I have taken the corner off of the triangle where the wings tuck in. This increases the strength of this connection.

ImageThis is the code behind the previous image.


Optional embellishment.Image

Grasshopper code behind the image. I tried hard to keep it organized. 😛

Project 2 – Progess

We finally had some success with a two sided tile. Our strings wound up being too loose so we didn’t get any definition from them, but that’s a pretty simple fix. Now it’s a matter of figuring out our frame system to vary the shape as well as really nailing down our attachment/dowel system (and filling that pesky gap on top). Our latest iteration was in canvas, but I’m not ready to let go of the tin foil. The nice thing about the canvas here is that we can control the tightness, which keeps the bulge from completely occupying the bottom portion. I think the edge condition between the form and canvas is really interesting too. Anyway, here’s some images of what we’ve done.










Project Two: Precedent Study

At this website they go into detail on how life-casting is done.The company that is presenting it is EnvironMolds. They make molds that are safe from the earth and safe for ones body parts. The mold that i was looking at is one of the face. A flexible mold is needed so that it can comfortably fit on a persons face and dry and not kill the person face. The website goes into great detail on the process and everything that is needed to get this project going. it also have play by play photos. I think that this is a really cool process, for the fact that there is actually so much that goes into it. They give great techniques on how to make sure there are not any bubbles and defects in the mold. Life casting looks to be a hard thing to accomplish, but when its done its really astonishing.